Natalie Mariduena, a SI Swim model, aspires to “be an example” of “body normalization.”


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! SI Swimsuit model Natalie Mariduena, who has almost 4 million followers on Instagram alone, wants to promote “body normalcy.” The model debuted on the magazine’s pages in 2021 and was highlighted in issue available at newsstands now of this year. The Chicago-native said, “In the business, you see models who are very skinny or you see plus-size models, but there isn’t this genre of modeling that’s just in the middle.” “I make an effort to promote that for others. I want to serve as an illustration of that and demonstrate how great and lovely it is. On social media, I post unfiltered pictures of my body, my life, what I stand for, and what I value. I want to demonstrate that the typical body size is respected, whether it be in a bikini or just in a photo of me out and about in a lovely dress.”

For this year's SI Swimsuit issue, Natalie Mariduena was shot by Yu Tsai in Belize.

The 25-year-old stated that she wanted to utilize her platform to demonstrate to her female fans that beauty is attainable without the use of Photoshop and filtering software.

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Young ladies who are impressionable and looking to me as an example for themselves make up a large portion of my following, she claimed. “Whether it’s in the comments area or in direct messages, I try to engage with people. I frequently hear “I have your body type,” so thank you for demonstrating it. These folks are expressing their gratitude to me, and I want to return the favor. I believe it is more crucial than ever that I provide encouragement for women because of this platform.” SI Swimsuit was appreciated by Mariduena for highlighting women of all ages and body kinds. Veteran photographer Yu Tsai captured Mariduena in Belize for the issue of 2022.

Natalie Mariduena made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2021.

As a model, she remarked, “Being a part of a magazine that embraces and celebrates you for being you is the nicest feeling in the world.” “I recall that early that morning, when we were filming in the bush, we ended up shooting maybe 15 bikinis. It was like a tiny party even though I was among waterfalls, lying on rocks, hanging from bridges, and standing in rivers. If you only looked at the pictures, you wouldn’t realize that there were about 20 to 25 people cheering, motivating, and encouraging you from behind the camera. For you, they’re hosting a small dance party.” Although this was not Mariduena’s first appearance in the magazine, she stated that this year’s images had taken her by surprise.