Why conservatives invited Hungary’s dictator to be the featured speaker Dallas occasion


Despite giving a speech last week that was widely criticized as racist, the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has a coveted speaking slot at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. A key member of his staff resigned in disapproval.

using KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP images from Getty Viktor Orbn, the prime minister of Hungary, visited a more appreciative American president instead of the White House or Vice President Biden when he arrived in the US this week. His Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course scored an caught up with former President Donald Trump .

In spite of a speech last week that was widely criticized as racist, including by one of his closest aides, Orbn will give the opening address at the Conservative Political Action Conference’s annual convention in Dallas on Thursday afternoon. She protested by resigning.

However, for many in the Republican party’s right wing, Orbn serves as an example of how to win elections. His perseverance—he won his fourth consecutive term as prime minister in April—depends on a steadfast appeal to Hungary’s white and Christian history. Additionally, it includes depended on rounds of crackdowns on civil liberties and dissenting voices inside the nation.

the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher has given Orbn intellectual respectability in the United States, while Tucker Carlson of Fox News has given Orbn remarkable visibility. The primetime television personality has taken a disproportionately large part in presenting Orbn to a broader public in this nation, participating in interviews, a documentary series, and making repeated claims that the U.S. will benefit from the Hungarian leader’s strategy. The more troubling implications of Orbn’s speech have been dismissed by both. Carlson even offered what he presented as an apology spoke to one of Orbn’s aides on behalf of the American media last night on his show.

In introducing a week’s worth of Fox shows from Hungary , Carlson stated last summer that “only a few years ago, his ideas would have been viewed as moderate and conventional.” “Families, in his opinion, are more significant than banks. He thinks that nations require borders. Orbn has received negative press for stating these thoughts out loud.”

The conservative media, according to Orbn in May, cannot compete with what he referred to as “the dominant media,” he claimed.

Only my friend Tucker Carlson puts himself on the line without backing down, Orbn reportedly stated in May to a CPAC meeting in Budapest, according to a translation offered by CNN . “His kind of programs should be active 24/7. 24/7, as you said.”

WORLD The American right would object to many Hungarian measures. caught up with former President Donald Trump 0 up to a point in Hungary. The condition caught up with former President Donald Trump 1. The government also provides caught up with former President Donald Trump 2.

Such distinctions are meaningless to followers looking for motivation from a powerful figure. Carlson appeared via videotape at the CPAC convention in May to support Orbn’s Hungary.

Later on today, Orbn is slated to open the CPAC convention in Dallas; same group, new venue.

Senators, media personalities, and conspiracy theorists are among the speakers at CPAC. Activists and funders who are staunchly conservative are excited about the gathering. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec are among the speakers who have been confirmed for Dallas. The two men frequently complimented each other while Trump was in power. Both extended cordial greetings to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Orbn has also mirrored Trump’s criticisms on wokeness, cancel culture, and other contentious topics. He specifically targets right-wingers like Fox’s Tucker Carlson and wealthy liberal benefactor George Soros, who is of Hungarian descent. (On Fox Nation, the streaming service, Carlson gave Soros a comprehensive documentary treatment in January.)

Nicole Hemmer, a historian at Vanderbilt University, contends that Orbn’s appeal to conservative media is reminiscent of the decades-old lionization of autocratic personalities like Augusto Pinochet of Chile and the leaders of South Africa’s apartheid system.

EUROPE Hemmer says in a statement to NPR, “Those leaders turned to right-wing media to access American audiences, expecting those audiences would pressure US authorities and shore up American support for their regimes. “Right-wing hosts saw it as an opportunity to support Cold War allies while also embracing racial ideas that were losing domestic support. These dynamics, in my opinion, are still in effect with Orbn today.”

Attendees at Orbn will hear from a European politician who advocates an overtly caught up with former President Donald Trump 3 and white vision of Hungary, one who established a solid border and strict rules to keep out immigration. The ruling party in Orbn has also targeted human rights organizations and caught up with former President Donald Trump 4, bought off or starved independent press and university voices.

caught up with former President Donald Trump 5 described an Orbn talk last week as a “perfect Nazi speech” after hearing it. Orbn constantly criticized the notion of “mixing races” in Hungary in it. NPR reached out to Carlson, CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp, and an Orbn representative for comments, but none of them responded. ( caught up with former President Donald Trump 6 people should listen to Orbn’s viewpoint before criticizing him.)

POLITICS Aron Demeter, the program director for Amnesty International in Hungary, thinks Orbn is excellent at portraying himself as someone who is “fighting for ideals.” Amnesty is one among the autonomous organizations that Orbn’s right-wing populist Fidesz party has targeted.

Demeter tells NPR that the man “is fighting for an old white world or old white Europe where, you know, men were men and women were ladies.” “Additionally, neither gay nor transgender people were present. or stayed at home if there were gay folks.”

Hungary has been classified as an caught up with former President Donald Trump 7 country in the transition between democracy and authoritarianism by the American human rights organization Freedom House.

The Hungarian writer Flora Garamvolgyi, who has written about Orbn’s connections to American conservatives, claims that there has been a democratic backsliding in Hungary when it comes to press freedom and LGBTQ rights. “And whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, I don’t think it aligns with American ideals,” the speaker continued.