According to investigators, a 14-year-old Florida girl distributed $13,500 in cash from her grandmother’s life savings among her classmates.


According to TK, a 14-year-old Florida girl stole $13,500 from her grandmother’s safe. According to KDFW , the girl subsequently distributed the cash to other middle schoolers. The girl faces felony grand theft charges. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! Police and school officials in Florida said a 14-year-old girl is being charged with felony grand theft after they claimed she stole $13,500 in cash from her grandmother and distributed it to kids.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, it is not known why the girl stole the cash—which represented half of her grandmother’s life savings—or why she decided to divide it.

According to Sky News , on Thursday, police arrived to Lake Weir Middle School in response to accusations that a girl was distributing hundreds of dollars to other kids, including ones she did not know.

According to KDFW, school administrators called parents to inquire about the event. Parent Michelle Spaulding told the publication that her daughter had told her that a girl she didn’t know had tried to offer her money.

She then exclaimed, “Yeah, mom!” The youngster did approach me and inquire about my want for $100, Spaulding informed the media outlet. She responded, “No, it has to have been stolen; I don’t want anything to do with it.”

According to Sky News, which cited an arrest report, the adolescent girl informed police that a friend who moved away had given her the cash to distribute. According to deputies, the youngster informed other students that the money belonged to her grandma, according to KDFW.

Officials from the sheriff’s office and the school are attempting to recover the funds and have requested parents to check with their children. According to school officials, they have so far discovered almost $2,500 in the girl’s backpack, and another $700 has been recovered by other pupils, according to KDFW.

I sincerely hope it is found because that would be so tragic. According to Spaulding, I feel awful for the family,’ he told KDFW.