Following a “long shot” search for a missing ring, a woman is overwhelmed by the “kindness of strangers.”


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! When Massachusetts resident Francesca Teal, 29, lost a ring that belonged to her great-grandmother in the ocean, she assumed the situation was over.

She wouldn’t see it ever again.
It was permanently lost.
But in order to help her get it back this month, it took the generosity of numerous strangers, including one complete stranger.
She also posted on Facebook that she had been “so moved by the kindness of strangers this past week” after the amazing lost-and-found discovery.
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“It has been so fantastic to observe people in this positive way,” the author continued, “and has brought so much faith to myself and others.”
This is what transpired.

According to the Associated Press, the woman from Groveland, Massachusetts, was throwing a football around with her husband this month on North Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire, while sporting the family treasure on her finger.

According to Teal, she and her husband spent hours looking for the ring in the water after it fell off her finger, but they were unsuccessful. She made this statement to The Boston Globe.

Later, she made a request on her Facebook page for anyone visiting that beach with a metal detector to keep an eye out for her priceless ring.

It turns out that a man searching the ocean floor with a metal detector heard her cry for assistance on social media.
Lou Asci put on a wetsuit, grabbed a headlamp, and headed in search of the ring.
Nothing was found during his first two days of searching.
I wished to return and attempt it once more.
I don’t handle failure very well, Asci admitted to The Globe.
I wanted to go back and give it one last try, he continued.
He claimed that he eventually located the ring buried beneath the sandy ocean floor.

According to the AP, he texted Teal a photo of it along with the remark, “Please tell me this is the ring so I can finally go off this beach.”

Hampton Beach in New Hampshire is shown here. Talk about a "long shot" find for a young woman who lost her ring in the ocean!

Once he heard back, Asci returned the ring to Teals home.

And then her husband got on one knee to place it back on her finger, the AP reported.

Teal had begun her Facebook plea with, “Hello, long shot here ”

From there, she proceeded to lay out how she lost the ring and where it might be.

“Just hoping that it can find its way back to me if someone does manage to locate it.”

She then revealed specifics about the ring.
She stated, “It is a double ring as it is two rings that were soldered.
Her note stated, “It is also a family heirloom from my great-grandmother.
She continued, “Just hoping that it can find its way back to me if someone does chance to locate it.”
A Facebook request for a metal detectorist to locate a stranger’s lost wedding ring is answered.
She expressed her gratitude for “every bit of assistance from those on the beach looking today as well.”
She added, “This occurred on 8/6/22 around midday.
On the beach, strangers never stopped looking for her.
He demonstrated a level of honesty that is unusual for today.
The couple also tried looking for it again but were unsuccessful.
Up until a total stranger named Lou Asci came to their aid.

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