In response to Soros’ defense of his backing for progressive DAs amid a crime wave, crime specialists say: ‘Disastrous’


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! In a Wall Street Journal article, liberal megadonor George Soros defended his backing of progressive district attorneys around the nation and blamed Republicans for the increase in crime, an argument that multiple experts told Fox News Digital doesn’t fit reality.

The Hungarian-born billionaire defended the enormous sums of money he has poured into district attorney races across the nation earlier this month in The Wall Street Journal, stating that “some politicians and pundits have tried to blame recent spikes in crime on the policies of reform-minded prosecutors.”

As Soros clarified, the “In contrast, according to “studies” he has seen, “violent crime has generally been expanding more fast in recent years in jurisdictions without reform-minded prosecutors. The Republican states with the toughest on crime legislators have seen the fastest increases in homicide rates.”

According to Hannah Meyers, director of policing and public safety at the Manhattan Institute, research that imply Republican states are increasing crime skirt over the reality that local courts handle prosecution rather than the state courts.


George Soros talks at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

According to Meyers, Soros is speaking in hunches rather than facts. “The progressive local prosecutors he supports mostly work in county-level jurisdictions; they are not state-level representatives. And in contrast to his claim, counties with an higher proportion percentage of Republican voters have lower homicide rates as well as slower homicide rate growth from 2019 to 2020.”

In numerous towns where Soros and his financial network have backed the campaigns of progressive prosecutors, Meyers continued, “violence is out of hand.”

Larry Krasner recently broke the annual homicide record for Philadelphia, Kim Gardner broke the per-capita record for St. Louis, and Kim Foxx presided over the highest crime rate in Chicago in 25 years, according to Meyers.


The Soros Open Society Foundation declined Fox News Digital’s numerous requests for comment, but it did provide several studies to support Soros’s claims in the Brennan Center article, including data , which showed that murder rates are rising at comparable rates in some states “controlled” by Republican governors.

Many studies, including the one provided by Open Society, “don’t say what many of these prosecutors say they do,” and there are “many real questions about the data and methodology used,” according to Zack Smith, legal fellow and manager of the Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy Program in the Heritage Foundation’s Meese Center.

Philanthropist George Soros, founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations

Smith cited two studies from Republican-led states, Massachusetts and Texas, that are frequently cited to support Soros-style “reform prosecutors,” saying that they “obscured the critical differences between diversion and non prosecution” and defined the word “prosecution” in a “constrained manner.” concluded in an article posted at the Heritage Foundation that they “obfuscated the critical differences between diversion and non prosecution.”

Critics claim that the liberal takeover of Hispanic radio stations, funded by George Soros, reeks of desperation.

The study in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, used data from before the liberal prosecutor, supported by the Soros financial network, gained office, and as a result, it was conducted before her “nullification of most petty crimes,” according to Smith in the article.

Additionally, Smith stated that first-time offenders were the group most likely to change their conduct if given the chance to atone for their offense.

Texas resident Dennis Farris, head of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association and a 25-year member of the Austin Police Department, told Fox News Digital that he also thinks it is false to link governors to increased crime and liberal sentencing practices at the local level.

This goes down to the district attorney level and the individuals who are actually prosecuting cases, he said, not the state level. “The bulk of the large counties in Texas have Democratic district attorneys who are progressive and Soros Democrats. So, absolutely, you can go back and directly link the installation of these pro-reform DAs who aren’t prosecuting crimes as they ought to with the rise in crime.”

Jose Garza, the district attorney for Austin, who received a lot of funding from the Soros network of PACs, has come under fire for trying to “reimagine justice in Travis County,” which involves debatable new bond and sentencing standards.

Youngkin and Virginia Da square off over the state’s historic crime wave in this “SOROS-FUNDED” battle.

After running on a platform of progressive measures, such as abolishing cash bail and not prosecuting specific drug offences, Garza assumed office in January 2021.

Garza has been in charge for 20 months, according to Farris. “In the past 20 months, there have been 135 homicides in Austin. That amounts to nearly 7 years of average “rates.” In contrast to normal circumstances, we have the same number of murders in 20 months as we would in six and a half years. How can you claim that a district attorney who is lenient toward crime has had no impact?”

The city of Austin had 89 homicides, the most in its history, as a result of the city council drastically cutting the police budget in 2020, at the height of the progressive-inspiring “defund the police movement,” which resulted in a major manpower shortage.

According to Soros’ Wall Street Journal piece, the public “likes what it’s hearing” “judging by the results” of the money he has contributed to the campaigns of “reasonable reform-minded candidates.”

Furthermore, polls from the Open Society Foundation were made available to Fox News Digital and demonstrated the popularity of the term “criminal justice reform.”
Law enforcement is something that George Soros wants to “eliminate,” and his policies would be “welcome sights” for criminals. TERRELL

According to the experts who spoke with Fox News Digital, there are other factors at play when it comes to public support for criminal justice reform initiatives. They cited several instances where the public did not accept Soros-style prosecutors.

According to Joyce Lee Malcolm, a professor emerita at George Mason University, it is false for Soros to claim that the widespread support for criminal justice reform in America indicates that voters favor every individual reform measure, such as removing cash bail.

Malcolm remarked, “I think the word reform can be misused. “Reform implies a change, but that change need not necessarily be for the better. There is greater crime as a result of these changes, which are not for the better.”

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled in June.

If you ask people if they support change, they will all respond “oh, absolutely,” presuming that reform will lead to better results. However, the results in this case are devastating.

The 2019 move to remove cash bail, which Bragg and other progressive district attorneys around the country have championed, while putting suspected criminals back onto the streets as they await trial, was supported by a majority of New York City voters, led by Soros-backed progressive DA Alvin Bragg.

California murder victim’s mother criticizes Soros-backed prosecutors for allegedly aiding criminals.

The total crime rate in New York City has increased 31% since this time last year, according to a July article from Fox News Digital. NYPD leaders underlined that they routinely re-arrest known offenders who are subsequently released back onto the streets to conduct other crimes.

Michael Lipetri, the chief of crime control strategies for the NYPD, stated that within 60 days, 25% of burglary suspects and 20% of grand larceny suspects “went on to commit a new felony.” According to him, that percentage for burglary suspects was 7% and for grand larceny suspects it was 6% five years ago.

Farris mentioned San Francisco, where voters just removed District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office due to growing crime that many believed was a result of his liberal policies.

Why did they recall the district attorney in San Francisco if the policies are so well-liked? Voters in Los Angeles were also attempting to recall District Attorney George Gascon, who was supported by Soros, Farris said.

In addition to 37 communities voting against the district attorney, more than 500,000 Los Angeles County voters signed a petition to recall Gascon. However, county officials stated earlier this week that the recall effort lacked the necessary signatures.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon addresses police accountability and the actions taken by his office to restore trust in the community during a press conference on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in Los Angeles, CA.

The impact of George Soros on prosecutors and crime is explained by Karl Rove.

Progressive prosecutors, according to Smith, employ “feel-good language” to muddle the distinction between support for their particular programs and support for criminal justice reform as a whole.

Smith observed that “they’re kind of employing this poll-tested, feel-good language.” “They assert, “We want to ensure that innocent people aren’t put to prison,” “We don’t want anyone detained needlessly,” and “We want an equal justice system.” Those are not contentious assertions. That is a consensus among everybody.”

It rapidly becomes clear that what many of these folks meant by their statements was not anything that you, I, or the great majority of people on the street would have understood, Smith added.

Smith’s opinion was supported by Malcolm, who stated that while many reform-minded prosecutors may have had excellent intentions, the outcomes were lacking.

It’s a good concept, you know, to offer a respite to individuals who struggle with growing up here, Malcolm added. “However, in essence, they serve as district attorneys and are tasked with defending the rule of law and the general public. They should be upholding the law, not choosing which laws are wise to pass.”