Once more, according to AAA, gas prices are below $4.


According to AAA, the national average price of a gallon of gasoline dropped by 10 cents last week, once more falling below the $4 threshold.

According to data provided on Monday by AAA said in a weekly update , gas prices decreased to $3.95 per gallon, mostly as a result of stable oil prices and fewer motorists filling up.

According to Andrew Gross, spokesman for AAA, “falling pump costs may eventually lead to more cars hitting the road again.” “However, that hasn’t occurred yet. Instead of returning to their usual driving patterns, many drivers are waiting for prices to drop even further.”

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US CITIZENS MODIFY THEIR DRIVING FORMATS TO AVOID HIGH GAS PRICES Despite the fact that gas prices decreased last week, they have been gradually climbing for the past 12 months. According to AAA, many Americans have altered their lifestyles to decrease their driving in order to offset this additional expense.

About two-thirds of American adults, according to AAA2, have modified their driving behaviors since March. Less driving and combining errands were the two most significant changes.

About 59% of Americans stated they would alter their lifestyle and driving habits if petrol costs reached $4 per gallon in a separate AAA survey earlier this year survey. If petrol prices were to reach $5 a gallon, which they did in June, this percentage would increase to 75% of Americans.

According to AAA, some Americans have even changed or delayed their travel and vacation plans as a result of price increases.

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THERE WAS A DECREASE IN GAS PRICES. ONE OF THE Last week, gas prices decreased differently throughout different regions of the United States. The biggest weekly decreases occurred in these states:

Maine: one dollar 18 cents in Colorado 16 cents in West Virginia In Arizona, a penny Illinois: fifteen cents 14 cents for New Mexico 13 cents for Florida 13 cents in Nebraska Arkansas: $1.30 Kansas: $1.30 Additionally, different regions in the United States have different gas prices. The top 10 states with the most affordable average gas prices are listed below:

Texas: $3.45 $3.47 Arkansas Oklahoma: $3.50 Tennessee: $3.50 $3.50 for South Carolina 3.51 in Georgia South Carolina: $3.52 $3.53 in Kansas Kansas: $3.53 Georgia: $3.54 Switching insurance companies might help you lower your monthly prices if you want to cut back on your auto expenses. Contact Credible to speak with an insurance specialist and get all of your questions answered to determine if this is the best option for you.

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